Students that have completed his program have earned numerous awards such as certificates, CINE Golden Eagles, trophies and other means of recognition. The diversity score of Ulysses S. Grant Senior High School is 0.55, which is less than the diversity score at state average of 0.64 . 48 classes will be remodeled and 14 of them would remain the same. The Grant High School Alumni Association (GHSAA) is an alumni-led social and service organization bridging the past and future for the benefit of Grant High School and its thousands of graduates. Grant … [9] Cohen stated that the ethnic tensions were a major factor in the decline of Grant's reputation in the 1990s. If you need technology support, please contact the main office at 818-756-2700 or e-mail Principal McMurrin at In addition, Humanitas students have the ability to go on field trips and participate in school activities that are only accessible to them. As of that year, fights between Armenian and Latino students often occurred in October. It is part of District North 2 of the Los Angeles Unified School District. In order to strengthen their skills they include web-based research, visual rhetoric, video production, broadcast journalism, and digital imaging into their curriculum. We will begin working on the SPSA and Measurable Actions to be taken in the next school year. We’ll continue to evaluate the situation and provide updated information along the way.Thank you for your continued support. Welcome to the official alumni website for Ulysses S. Grant High School—Portland's premier public senior high. If you have questions, please e-mail our principal at and someone will respond to your question or need. [5] Grant's original purpose was to serve as a high school for the families of World War II veterans who were moving into the San Fernando Valley. Teachers will use techniques that have been tested and proven to be successful in academic success. The program would remain consistent of its original mission but with new enhancements. [8], The tensions exploded on October 21, 1999 when a fight between an Armenian girl and a Latina girl turned into a fight among 200 students. Compare Details In 2019, Ulysses S. Grant Senior High ranked better than 59.9% of high schools in California. [15], Sophomore Academy/(Has yet to be determined) [15], Upper Grade Academies/(Has yet to be determined) [15], College Prep of Digital Arts Magnet at Grant High School is a magnet program within Grant High School that focuses on enhancing college level skills. Connected to Grant High School is a communications/technology magnet which emphasizes smaller class sizes and communications technology electives including film/video production, broadcast journalism, computer technology, graphic communications, and performing arts. There are so many opportunities and resources to take advantage of if you look. [12], In 2006, Grant was relieved of many 9th and 10th graders by the opening of East Valley High School, which planned to phase in grades 11 and 12 in the following two years. The fight resulted in 40 students being detained and minor injuries being inflicted on 10 students, some teachers, and a maintenance worker. No serious injuries occurred. The new plan would start by creating a structure that would better accommodate to students with disabilities under the ADA act. Hello Parents and Guardians! All students should be checking in to Schoology regularly! Para reportar cualquier tipo de ausencia (enfermedad, falta de luz, etc. The general responsible for ending the Civil War was none other than Ulysses S. Grant. This is due to the long strip of road (known as "Lancer Lane") that runs between the eastern boundary of the school and a scenic greenbelt, walking path, and the Tujunga Wash, and the availability of ample parking—combined with the ease of moving equipment around. Deborah Dash Moore, the author of To the Golden Cities: Pursuing the American Jewish Dream in Miami and L.A., wrote that this made the presence of these Jewish students "more visible than numbers alone would warrant.